Tattoo Removal

Get Your Tattoo Removed Safely

Effective Tattoo Removal Solutions

Looking for a safe place to get your tattoo removed? Look no further than Kellogg Clinic. Our experienced medical staff can remove any type of tattoo regardless of the size or location. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Advanced Tattoo Removal Techniques and Equipment 

Kellogg Clinic maximizes your treatment frequency to save you money and reduce the side effects of the treatment on you. Patient care and comfort are our top priorities. We use local anesthetics and Zimmer Cryo Freeze to manage and reduce pain.  

Our advanced medical lasers are equipped to remove tattoos of any color. They break down the tattoo ink into fragments so that the white blood cells of your immune system can remove the ink from your body much faster than the natural process of tattoo fading.
Tattoo removal
For safe tattoo removal services, call us today at

If you are looking for a
permanent tattoo removal option, trust the experts who have over 20 years of experience. We have helped thousands of men and women in the local area.

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